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Catalogue index: Dishwasher spares

Low energy lamp


  Digital test meter


Equivalent to a 100w bulb
* Standard bayonet fitting
* Energy class: A
* Uses just 18watts
  * Battery test 1.5v and 9v
* Ohms 200 - 2M
* DC current 200mA to 10A
* DC volts 200mV to 600V
* AC volts 200V to 750V
* Diode & transistor tests




Dishwasher spares

Basket wheels / rollers
Basket end stops
Blanking plug (tub)
Cutlery baskets

Dispensers (detergent)
Door hinges
Door lock mechanism
Drain hose extension
Drain pump

Hose extension
Nozzle/Jet (spray arm)
Spray arms
Switches (on/off)
Plumbing accessories
Sealing cap
Valves (water fill)
Wash pumps
Wheels (basket)

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