Catalogue: Plumbing accessories

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Plumbing tap




End of line plumbing tap 180o for15mm copper pipe
Inlet: 15mm compression fitting.
Outlet: Standard appliance hose connection

Plumbing tap




Self bore plumbing tap for 15mm copper pipe
Inlet: Self bore fitting
Outlet: Standard appliance hose connection
Quick fit drain kit




Clamp on drain kit.
Fitting: Clamp on drain pipe then use the supplied cutter to bore a hole in the existing pipe. Pack contains universal fittings to fit most drain hoses and pipe sizes.
Y piece




Y piece for connecting hot and cold fill appliances to a single cold plumbing tap. Also used to supply 2 appliances from one feed tap.
Inlet: Connects to standard appliance tap
Outlets: 2 x standard appliance hose connections

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